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COD Mobile is More Fun Than Warzone

COD Mobile is More Fun Than Warzone

There.. I said it. Fight me.

Why do I say that? Well, there’s way less “professional streamers” playing it (in America, at least), It has better game mechanics for a Battle Royal (no hiding in bushes, dark rendered / poor visible areas and stairwells), the audio isn’t broken (foot steps disappearing from Warzone) and everyone has a microphone (which you can also mute, if they’re children or annoying)!

Catch me on YouTube, streaming Call of Duty: Mobile. I’d appreciate a comment / thumbs / follow on there.

Text from Video:

Call of Duty Mobile, featuring the Three Horsemen and Horsewoman of the Apocalypse. The next stream will be even more biblical. Amen. Match 3 has a lot of kills. Tanks for the memories! Apparently, YouTube scheduled streams need to be confirmed to go live, even after Streamlabs and Restream.io tell you that everything is streaming and live. Facebook and Twitch aired, but not the one platform I actually want views on. And knowing is half the battle. #Cod#CodMobile#BattleRoyal

0:00​ – Team Assembled, Match 1 Start
0:45​ – Killing Begins
1:35​ – Sarah Chose a Great Landing Spot
2:50​ – Providing Overwatch
3:20​ – Parker Spinning Webs of Pain
4:45​ – Sarah’s BR Tips
5:45​ – Watch this Snipe
6:50​ – Sorry Jennifer7
7:30​ – Sarah BR Tip 2 / I kill Sarah
8:30​ – End of Match 1 / Einstein likes his own voice
9:23​ – Game 2 Start – Nice Skin, Comrad
9:50​ – Killhouse
10:05​ – Killing Begins
11:00​ – Pro Tip
12:40​ – Ambushed by a loser
13:30​ – Hacker Downs Me and Parker Saves The Day
15:15​ – Sarah does another robot thing
16:00​ – Respawn Flight, Divide & Conquer
17:00​ – Sarah Drowns
17:20​ – Island Warfare
17:40​ – Poor Ian
18:30​ – Parker Gets The Job Done!
19:30​ – Match 3 Start (high kill round)
20:20​ – Killing Begins
21:18​ – Sarah Snow Boarding Adventures
22:00​ – Warthogging it w/ Parker
22:50​ – Overwatch for Sarah and Ian
23:30​ – Sarah Dirty Talk 101 ASMR
24:00​ – Peek-a-boom
25:00​ – The Ballad of CrookedTeeth
25:44​ – Helicoptard
27:10​ – Paying Back Parker
27:50​ – I pick up a loser’s AK-47 loadout
29:00​ hunt for the last loser & Debrief
31:05​ – Match 4 – Tank Kills Montage
32:00​ – Keep Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’
32:45​ – Final Debrief / Thanks for watching!

Music by Doom & Acadence – New Worlds

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