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Media by Nate Seif and friends. Portfolio and contact information. Silicon Valley video production. Specializes in construction and corporate video. Television producer. Andaaz, So You Think You Can Dance, Fox, Sony, SET Asia. I've worked with multiple directors. Became one for whoever needed quality, without the drama. My goal is to satisfy those whom demand anything out of me. Specialties: Film and HD motion and still photography. Surround sound recording / mixing. Motion graphics. Computers. SCUBA Instructor. CAD. Building models. Make-up: Special Effects and Glamor. Certified First Aid CPR Trainer. Friendly and approachable.
Nate Seif, video production, bay area, silicon valley, corporate video, web design, construction video, affordable video, media solutions, television production, green screen production, motion graphics, underwater video, videographer, documentary, California video,
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Amazon Referral Program

Amazon Referral Program

If you click on this link  banner below, I’ll be able to make some residual off of any purchase. Please, help a nerd out. You don’t need to buy that specific item, either. Once you click on the link – you’re free to purchase anything on amazon, and they’ll send a residual – and I’ll send that residual to charity.

For the Month of October:Anybody that wants to buy anything on amazon, I’m donating all of the referral proceeds to the victims of the north bay fires. You can also donate directly by clicking here

Games I’m currently playing:

Shadow of War, Forza 7 and Cuphead are all Play anywhere titles, which means you get the windows version included (if you purchase the digital copies of the game)
If you’re a 4K whore like me, check out and pre-order the Xbox One X, coming soon!

Nintendo Switch is back in stock! Pick it up, before it sells out, again!

Lastly: Check out my company on Amazon Prime! Hang Em Up!

These powerful Magnetic Hangers are capable of supporting a myriad of items when attached to steel, iron, and selected stainless steel alloys. Both Small & Large Magnetic Hangers are a patented (USA and International) non-conductive holder that increases the ability to carry more weight than the magnet alone on a typical metal surface. It can be used for supporting equipment, electrical cords, welding leads, tools, lights, cameras, and more on the job site, service truck, tool box and keeping electrical cords and hoses off the floor. The magnet’s full strength of up to 150 pounds, on many magnetic surfaces, can be achieved. Warranty – One Year from Purchase A portion of each purchase will go to The Wounded Warrior Project or a 501(c)(3) charity of your choice. For Orders Over 50 Units: Please Contact Us at our website: www.hangemup.com

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