Hammered Death Productions | Big July Update!
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Big July Update!

Howdy folks! It’s been a while since you’ve seen an update from me. Hope everything is going well. I’ve been busy!

Josh and Gina

Josh and Gina at Their Wedding

I’d first like to say congrats to my friends Josh and Gina for getting married! Your video is getting edited very soon. Also, a huge congratulations to Ricky and Nicole for getting engaged. You two will start a great family! Wow.. I’m getting old(er).

So here’s the DL on HDP. I just got a GoPro. I love it. In fact, I love it so much, that I just got another one. What’s that mean for you? Expect a ton of 3D movies from HDP now. I’m going to map out the Monterey Bay kelp forests with them in true 3D. You’ll be able to see them on any 3D or non-3D monitor, using any kind of glasses (or none, if you’re using a 3DS). You can also view them without the glasses, if you just want a 2D experience. Much easier than doing 3D with two 7Ds *brain leaking out of ears / nostrils*

I just entered into the facebook GoPro Contest with these submissions (the final 2 are in 3D):


What else is happening you don’t ask? Well, let me answer. Zombie Dave Reda from ElfTwin Films has done it again! We just completed “My Undeadly” which is a short horror comedy that will be traveling around the country, which is bound to become just as / more successful than “Horror of Our Love.”  I can’t wait to see the reactions it gets at the festivals!

Watch The Trailer!

What Else ELSE is happening? Just about to hit up Stanford and record some safety videos. Just finished up the Delta Water Supply jobsite, trying to finish up editing of a music video for Edgler Vess, Shooting Andaaz and Mogulaire at Wente Vineyards in 2 weeks, etc.. A lot on the plate and would appreciate some help!

Last but not least, Irene and I will be recording and help directing a pilot that’ll be released to Comic Con for my friend Matt. Expect something from that, soon.