Hammered Death Productions | First Blog
Media by Nate Seif and friends. Portfolio and contact information. Silicon Valley video production. Specializes in construction and corporate video. Television producer. Andaaz, So You Think You Can Dance, Fox, Sony, SET Asia. I've worked with multiple directors. Became one for whoever needed quality, without the drama. My goal is to satisfy those whom demand anything out of me. Specialties: Film and HD motion and still photography. Surround sound recording / mixing. Motion graphics. Computers. SCUBA Instructor. CAD. Building models. Make-up: Special Effects and Glamor. Certified First Aid CPR Trainer. Friendly and approachable.
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First Blog

First Blog

Hey! It’s Nathan. I’m the leader of HDP. Why Hammered

Death? Well back in High School, our teacher told us to

create a production company name for our short films.

For some reason, Hammered Death was the very first

thing to come to mind… What? Expecting something

more interesting? hahaha! Not on the internet!

Okay. So I’m new to this whole interent programming.

Just started taking a internet portfolio course at school.

This site has taken lot of work so far, but I’m committed

to get-r-done, no matter how long she takes! I’ll try to

update this page daily for the next few weeks, so come

by again sometime, check out my movies – say hi!